The Structural Biology Unit is one of the leading research poles in the field of macromolecular X-ray crystallography in Spain. The SBU aims to understand the cell machinery and physiological processes from a structural and functional perspective using molecular and structural biology techniques as X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy.

The SBU is part of the Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (IBMB), a strategic research center from the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and is located at Barcelona Science Park, which provides an excellent scientific and technological framework.


Fast Crystals Gained Scientific Vocations At The Saló De L’Ensenyament

Fast crystals gained scientific vocations at the Saló de l’Ensenyament

On Wednesday 22th March, we were at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas catalan delegation…

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SBU Brings Microbes To The School

SBU brings microbes to the school

5 year’s old curiosity is always attentive, waiting for any tiny incentive to nourish by.…

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Anna Cuppari Defended Her Doctoral Thesis At Faculty Of Pharmacy From The University Of Barcelona

Anna Cuppari defended her doctoral thesis at Faculty of Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona

On Wednesday, Ms. Anna Cuppari, a PhD student from the Structural Biology Unit, has successfully…

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A Sweet Contribution Of The Structural Biology Unit To Institute Of Molecular Biology Of Barcelona Christmas Meeting

A sweet contribution of the Structural Biology Unit to Institute of Molecular Biology of Barcelona christmas meeting

Yesterday, the Christmas Meeting of the Institute of Molecular Biology of Barcelona (IBMB) brought together…

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The Structural Biology Unit (SBU), created in 1998, is one of the leading research poles in the field of macromolecular X-ray crystallography in Spain. It consists of seven research groups, featuring over 60 researchers, all involved in cutting-edge projects of medical, biological or biotechnological relevance.

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